Critical Dallas ISD Runoff Election

Early Vote | June 11 and 12| 7am - 7pm  

any convenient locaton

 Election Day | Saturday, June 16

May 14, 2018 -- "I want to thank everyone who supported me during my run for DISD Trustee District 9. We might not have won the votes necessary to win or make a runoff, but started a conversation that will forever change educational outcomes in District 9.
67% of voters decided that it's time for new leadership. As a proud graduate of The Great James Madison High School and resident of Sunny South Dallas, I agree with the voters.
Students deserve the best education and leadership that will advocate for them.
I'm asking everyone who supported my candidacy for DISD Trustee to support my friend Justin Henry. I know Justin will work in the best interest of the community and bring equitable resources to District 9. -- Edward Tuner

Early Voting

Monday and Tuesday, June 11 and 12 | 7am - 7pm

Vote anywhere in Dallas County during early voting. Find a convenient location here.

Election Day

Saturday, June 16 | 7am - 7pm

Find your election day voting location here as some voting precinct locations have been combined for the runoff election.

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Bernadette Nutall

  • Trustee Nutall declined to participate in our process and therefore was not evaluated using the DKF scorecard criteria. As an alternative, DKF is presenting critical aspects of Trustee nutall's voting history. See below. 
  • Candidate Voting History

    District 9

    Over 20 community members, including students, educators, and District 9 residents interviewed candidates for leadership in District 9.  Candidate scorecards were developed and our members surveyed to determine the endorsement decision reflected below. Read more about this process here

    South Dallas and parts of Downtown Dallas, Pleasant Grove, Deep Ellum, Uptown, and East Dallas

    Current Trustee: Bernadette Nutall - Served 3 terms, 2009 to Present

    Candidate Score Cards

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