2016-2017 Summary of Dallas ISD Board Votes

With votes for the 2016-2017 DISD Board complete, DKF has summarized the Board’s work -- looking over the votes and highlighting impactful decisions.

2016-2017 Annual summary of “key issue” votes with highlights of progress in three distinct areas:

  1. Increasing Intentional School Board Governance
  2. Supporting & Funding District Goals
  3. Expanding Student Opportunity

Key Votes

Our list of 23 key votes includes a brief description of the issue and shows how trustees voted:

All of the information in these documents comes from public meetings and public documents -- but the time commitment to follow the critical decisions being made by the board is significant.  DKF’s goal is to be a resource for interested citizens, breaking down what happens in each meeting and throughout the year. 

We would like to acknowledge the strong drive of the entire board toward successful schools and students.  Even with marked differences of opinions between Trustees regarding how to get there and the challenge to work out those differences in an open, public forum, we do not doubt their firm commitment. We are appreciative of every Trustee’s time and effort and progress on behalf of kids. 

Dallas ISD Board Meetings FAQ

Annual Vote Tracker Summary 2015-2016