May Board Briefing: Student Outcomes, Charters, Technology, and Budget


Progress on District’s Student Outcome Goals

The Dallas ISD administration and Superintendent Hinojosa presented progress towards meeting 2 of the 4 district goals:

  • Goal 1: Student achievement on state assessments in all subjects at “Approaches” or above will increase from 66% to 75% by 2022.
  • Goal 3: Student achievement on state assessments in two or more subjects at “Meets” or above will increase from 34% to 40% by 2022.

The sample data from a Reading and Math administration of state assessments in grades 5 and 8 showed the following:

Screen Shot 2018-05-10 at 1.31.06 PM.png

Our board expressed pride in the hard work of the students, teachers, leadership teams, and district administration in making this happen.

Charter School Partnership

The administration presented the possibility to use Senate Bill 1882, which allows school districts to partner with charter schools (and other eligible entities). In this particular partnership, St. Anthony’s - used to be a private Catholic school but is now a charter school - would have autonomy under governance, staff, schedule, curriculum, etc. The district would provide a school facility - Wheatley - and an advisory board that has continuous conversation around programs and student achievement at the campus.

The board had mixed support - Trustees Nutall, Foreman, Flores, and Blackburn showed support for this partnership; Trustees Pinkerton and Marshall were concerned about not receiving anything in return that would benefit the district’s budget; Trustee Solis had a mixed reaction of fascination about the concept and concern about unanswered questions; Trustee Micciche expressed the need for researching all necessary aspects before deciding to move forward; and Trustee Resendez did not publicly state an opinion on the matter.

Technology & Long Range Facilities Master Plan

A consulting team, Engage2Learn, alongside the administration, reported on a plan to implement technology and update facilities over the next couple of years. One of the highlights from the technology standpoint was an effort to provide a technological device (chromebook) to each student in the district - but if funding did not allow for it - to at least provide a device for every single high school student (elementary students and middle school students would share).

From a facilities standpoint, two major priorities in the next couple of years include replacing all equipment in buildings whose lifespan has or will expire in the next two years as well as modernizing classrooms (wall paint, new floor, whiteboards instead of chalkboards). The immediate next step will be to finalize a plan for technology and complete the facilities assessment across Dallas ISD campuses.

Budget Proposal

The administration and superintendent presented the budget for the 2018-2019 school year. One major difference is that the budget was presented assuming a higher tax rate for local residents. The projected enrollment, which impacts the budget, is a decrease of just over 1,700 students. In addition, state funding would decrease by 6.9% and federal funding would decrease by 2.4%.

Budget Image.jpg

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