May Briefing: Student Outcome Goals, Legislative Update, and more!

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At a board briefing, the Dallas ISD School Board discusses items they will need to vote on in upcoming meetings. They also hear reports from the Superintendent & the Dallas ISD Administration on ways in which the district is meeting student needs. Below is a summary of the 3-hour briefing on May 9, 2019.



Admin Presentation:

Dallas ISD has 4 student outcome goals. The administration presented progress towards 2 of those goals using preliminary data from the first administration of the STAAR exam for grades 5 and 8 in Math and Reading.

  • Goal 1: Student achievement on state assessments in all subjects at “Approaches” or above will increase from 66% to 75% by 2022.

  • Goal 3: Student achievement on state assessments in two or more subjects at “Meets” or above will increase from 34% to 40% by 2022.

Data below shows significant progress over the years. The outstanding concern is the gap between African-American student data and other student groups. See below:

Student Outcome Goal 1 & 3.png
Student Outcome Goal 1 & 3 B.png

Board Discussion:

  • Trustee Micciche: Wow.

  • Trustees Marshall, Foreman, Henry, Blackburn: Let’s close the gap between African-American children and other student groups. 

  • Trustee Foreman: Need African-American children in PreK.

  • Trustee Blackburn: Need to target specific children who are not doing well. Ready to see collective action.

  • Trustees Flores, Pinkerton: Thank you!


Admin Presentation:

Dallas ISD has 4 student outcome goals. The administration presented progress towards goal #4:

  • Goal 4: Student participation in extracurricular activities will increase from 59% to 78% by 2022.

Activities included in this goal are:

  • Visual and Performing Arts

  • Department of Athletics

  • STEM Department

  • Student Activities: debate, cheer camp, UIL, etc.

Next steps: Look to expand the depth of participation, i.e., ensuring there are rigorous activities & engagement across the year.

Student Outcome Goal 4.png

Board Discussion:

  • Trustee Marshall: I look forward to creating more ‘stretch’ goals since we are hitting our goals earlier than expected.

  • Trustee Pinkerton: Want to see this as “hitting two birds with one stone” to also care for kids after school hours.

  • Trustee Blackburn: Let’s identify student groups who may need more involvement.


Admin Presentation:

Superintendent Hinojosa shared the following:

  • There are currently two competing versions of a bill from House and Senate. Conference Committee has been appointed with members of House and Senate to resolve differences in legislation. 

  • Major differences between bills: 

    • Basic allotment: House version has a bigger increase compared to Senate version.

    • Property Tax Collection Revenue: House proposes prior-year values; Senate proposes current-year. 

    • Salaries: House proposes $1800 for all employees (not administrators); Senate offers $5000 for all teachers and librarians.

  • Under House version – $114 million new dollars for DISD

  • Under Senate version – $6.8 million new dollars (after taking out $5K for every teacher)

  • Next month DISD will be in a better position to adopt a budget for 2019-2020.

Board Discussion: none

#4 2019-2020 BUDGET PROPOSAL

Admin Presentation:

This presentation shared current formula budget projection for next year as well as budget proposals for the two bills under discussion by Senate and House. In other words, DISD won’t know where to spend funds until there is a clear outcome from the legislative session.

The Board will meet for a Board Workshop May 30th at 2pm to discuss how the “Fiscal Notes” below could be spent based on a list of 20+ suggestions from Superintendent and department leaders. 

Link 1: Proposed Budget

Link 2: Legislative Budget Possibilities

Link 3: Budget Priorities to be Considered/Discussed

Legislative Budget Comparisons.png
Budget A.png

Board Discussion:

  • Trustee Foreman: Why is the recapture payment of the state categorized under contracted services? It is a payment of attendance credits we are purchasing from the state. 

  • Trustee Micciche: Why the decrease in ‘General Administration?’ Cost of TRE election. Student transportation? Software cost is less. 

  • Trustee Pinkerton: Want to ensure enrollment projection fits our planning for teachers, staff, etc.

  • Trustee Marshall: How were the fiscal notes prioritized? Each department submitted a recommendation.


For full video clips of board discussion or for a closer review of each agenda item. please visit the Board Docs site with all public materials.

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