September Briefing: Career Institutes, Family & Community Engagement, and more!


At a board briefing, the Dallas ISD School Board discusses items they will need to vote on in upcoming meetings. They also hear reports from the Superintendent & the Dallas ISD Administration on ways in which the district is meeting student needs. Below is a summary of the 8-hour briefing on September 12, 2019.


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#1 STUDENT OUTCOME GOAL #2 (Link to presentation)

Presentation from Admin – 

The Board set a goal which aims for 45% of students to reach the “Meets” level in 3rd grade reading.The Admin presented progress towards that goal using data from 3 assessments:

  • ISIP – beginning of year to end of year progress for percentage of students on-level (all grades made progress)

    •  2017-2018 – 51% -> 55% of Kindergarten; 47% -> 56% of 1st graders; 54% -> 56% of 2nd graders.

    • 2018-2019 – 51% -> 57% of Kindergarten; 49% -> 55% of 1st graders; 54% -> 55% of 2nd graders.

  • Terranova (English) – percentage of students on-level end of 2018 and 2019 (1st grade made progress)

    • 2017-2018 – 81% Kindergarten; 64% of 1st grade; 61% of 2nd grade.

    • 2018-2019 – 79% Kindergarten; 66% of 1st grade; 61% of 2nd grade.

  • Supera (Spanish test) – percentage of students on-grade level (highest scores; some decline in all grades)

    • 2017-2018 – 85% Kindergarten; 84% 1st grade; 83% 2nd grade.

    • 2018-2019 – 84% Kindergarten; 82% 1st grade; 79% 2nd grade. 

The admin also shared that African-American students are showing growth across all grade levels.

Student Outcome Goal 2 - AA Students.png

 Board Discussion – 

  • Trustee Mackey: Concerned about low Terranova results compared to Supera. 

  • Trustee Foreman: Want clarity on difference between ISIP and Supera. ISIP is 2x a year; Supera 1x a year.

  • Trustee Micciche: Curious to know original goal? Original goal was focused on students at “Approaches” level.

#2 CAREER INSTITUTES (Link to presentation)

Presentation from Admin – 

Career Institutes are in place because there are many high-need positions going unfilled by employers who need skilled workforce. 

The District is offering the following career pathways – construction & carpentry, plumbing & pipefitting, electrical & solar technology, HVAC, interior design, and aviation & unmanned aerial systems.

There is potential and plans for additional pathways. 

The timeline for the career centers is as follows:

Career Institutes.png

 Board Discussion – 

  • Trustee Marshall: All high schools are included in this planning except Woodrow and Skyline – please include. 

  • Trustee Foreman: Want clarity on students shifting from one center to another based on open dates.

  • Trustees Mackey, Johnson: Make sure we engage community in process before making final decisions.

  • Trustee Flores: Would like to know about all the partners included in each of the pathways.

  • Trustee Henry: How do you get enrollment projections? 100 students per pathway, 4 pathways per institute.

  • Trustee Micciche: Want to be thoughtful around duplicating programs at multiple locations and consider other existing college/career initiatives.

#3 FAMILY ENGAGEMENT (Link to presentation)

Presentation from Admin – 

The primary focus of the family engagement work is to build coherency for family and community engagement in DISD. 

DISD applied and participated in Flamboyan Foundation Fellowship for the past year and a half to develop a family engagement strategic plan for implementation in local school community. Now ready to implement ideas. 

The focus of program is building relationships between school, family, and community through low to high impact options.

Fellowship for DISD includes the following departments and teams: Family & Community Engagement Office, Early Learning, Home Visit Project, Early Matters Dallas, BCG. 

There are four pilot schools that will implement Family Engagement Leadership Teams: Saldivar, Martinez, Gonzalez, and McNair.

 Board Discussion – 

  • Trustee Foreman: Where else is this happening? D.C. has implemented and strengthened family engagement and seen academic gains. How is this different than HIPPY? This is PreK-12 purely to build relationships.Need to measure outcomes and goals.

  • Trustee Henry: Would like to include Racial Equity Office in this work. Want rationale for “high impact” activities.

  • Trustee Johnson: Advocate for additional community liaisons.

#4 ENROLLMENT (Link to presentation)

Presentation from Admin – 

Overall good news: DISD met its budget projection for the year. Projection was 153,333; DISD is well over 154,055.

PreK enrollment is down 400 from initial projection due to lower capacity from one PreK operator.

PreK scholarships offered to roughly 140 students: 41% African-American, 35% Hispanic, 7% White, 6% Multi-ethnicity/race, 11% all other ethnicities/races.

Board Discussion –

  • Trustees Henry, Foreman: Exciting to see increased enrollment for AA students in PreK through scholarship.


Presentation from Admin – 

Leslie J Patton opened as a school to serve students with special situations (taking care of sick family, working to support family, etc.). With accountability changes, there are less students and therefore classes. This campus has been “Improvement Required” for two years. Proposal to close center and begin Phoenix Program in 5 host schools.

There are 32 students from Patton who will need services in 2019-2020 (six are 19-year-olds, zero are 20+ years). 

To address needs of 32 students and additional 14+ year-olds across comprehensive campuses, the District has chosen 5 ‘host’ high schools that will house the Phoenix Program. Accountability remains with host campus.

  • Structure is to add an isolated classroom/space within each host campus.

  • Campuses currently include Carter, Hillcrest, Pinkston, Skyline, and Spruce.

  • Expected potential to have 75-100 students in program at each of the host high schools.

  • Instructional supports: 4 content-specific teachers, counselor, and Phoenix liaison dedicated to these students.

Board Discussion –

  • Trustee Marshall: Want to know if 21+ year-olds will be kept separate from younger H.S. students. Ultimately want to make it work.

  • Trustee Foreman: Against Carter as a host site; against concentrating students. Keep students at home school. 

  • Trustees Johnson, Henry: Want clarity on number of over-age students and capacity at different host sites.

  • Trustee Flores: Supportive. 

  • Trustee Mackey: Compare accountability with/without students. Supportive of instructional plan from Phoenix program.


For full video clips of board discussion or for a closer review of each agenda item. please visit the Board Docs site with all public materials.

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