Trustee Election

Dallas Kids First 2018 Candidate Endorsement Announcement

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For Districts 1 and 3, Dallas Kids First stands behind unopposed incumbents and DKF-endorsed Trustees Dan Micciche and Edwin Flores, respectively.

For District 9, Dallas Kids First supports a vote for change in school board leadership via a dual endorsement, empowering voters to support one of two strong candidates suited for leadership. Dallas Kids First endorses Justin Henry and Edward Turner for Dallas ISD School Board.

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After completing its 2018 endorsement process - a combination of candidate questionnaire responses, a community interview panel, and community survey responses - Dallas Kids First endorses a vote for change in leadership by empowering voters to choose one of two strong candidates, Justin Henry or Edward Turner, for Dallas ISD's District 9. Our community panel was made up of 25 members, including current DISD students, teachers and staff, District 9 residents, CAMP Fellows, and DKF members.

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Below are some key comments from panelists:

  • District 9 Dallas ISD teacher and CAMP Fellow Emily Barksdale shared, “Justin Henry wants improvement in student achievement, college readiness etc - especially through a racial equity lens.” Henry stated, “we are in a crisis” and “the current status quo is unacceptable.” He emphasizes the need to “create an environment conducive to partnerships.”

  • District 9 middle school student and interview panelist Marquies Buekner shared, “Edward Turner wants what is best for students, [he has] a very great sense of urgency… can relate to District 9 because he grew up here and that is what drives him.” Turner stated, “As a trustee, be conscious of power, use this for good, not abuse. Be an example for students.”

Founded to address years of low voter turnout, Dallas Kids First continues its efforts to make school board candidate information more accessible to a diverse constituent base. The Dallas Kids First scorecards outline candidates' strengths and areas of growth aligned to qualities of effective board leadership.

With the election just two months away, Dallas Kids First is calling on Dallas ISD constituents to commit time and resources to increase participation in the May 5, 2018 election. Advocate alongside DKF and let us know your interests by clicking here:

Each candidate's scorecard along with their questionnaire responses are available on the 2018 election page,