If you would like to request that we include your testimonial about why you joined Dallas Kids First, please email a photo and your testimonial to info@dallaskidsfirst.org

Chazz Robinson | District 9 resident | Former educator

DKF is a community catalyst in a time when we know more than ever that who our elected officials are at every level is extremely important. As a member of DKF, I’ve been involved and empowered to have a voice in the matter of who represents my students and their families. The processes that DKF facilitates are crucial. No one else is doing this work in the intentional and thoughtful way that DKF goes about it. I’m proud to be a member of DKF and I look forward to the expansion the work in years to come. 

Ariella Palacios | DISD graduate | District 4 resident

Throughout my education I have attended DISD schools, and while in school I witnessed many problems that could have been solved if the right people were put into place. And for this reason I decided to become involved in advocating education and supporting DKF. Dallas Kids First ensures our children are not forgotten and challenges the current school system by being engaged with elections, trustees, parents, communities and volunteers.

Cullen Aderhold | District 2 resident | Concerned citizen

I joined DKF because there is a clear opportunity for a grassroots organization to help our city operate more effectively. Improvements to our education system will impact many other aspects of our city including homelessness, crime, fiscal efficiency, and economic growth. 

Hannah D'Apice |former dallas isd teacher | Concerned citizen

The education policies and activities the trustees set shape the educational experiences of my colleagues and students on a daily basis, and it is teachers that have the best view of the impact of these policies on the ground. Therefore, volunteering with DKF has been a meaningful way to ensure the interests of students and teachers are represented in the political process of selecting trustees.

Aamir Ashiqali | Concerned citizen

When certain school systems in the US are less functional and perform worse than the school systems in certain third world countries, we must take a stand and put Kids First. Dallas Kids First has identified the key area in the system to make the largest impact and has been working for kids in Dallas for years. As a concerned citizen, I am proud and honored to be associated with such an organization.

Ken Barth | District 1 resident | Long-time concerned parent and local school volunteer, PTA's, Dad's Clubs, SBDM's and Booster Clubs

I feel strongly that education is key to our country and our children.  I am committed to public education and equality for all and am very concerned that public education is not given the same framework for success as charter and private schools particularly in the area of human capital. As a consequence, the focus of public education systems has shifted to become more about protecting jobs for adults rather than doing what is right for the education of our children. I believe we need to change that focus and it is a cultural shift that starts at the Board. Hence I joined DallasKidsFirst because DKF is committed to finding qualified candidates for our School Board and help them succeed in the electoral process.  

17-year old daughter that attended Degolyer Elementary, TC Marsh Middle School, and is currently at Booker T. Washington; 20-year old son that attended Degolyer Elementary, TC Marsh Middle School, WT White High School, and is currently a junior at University of California San Diego   

Brandon Buchanan | Concerned citizen

Hoping for an organization to lead the charge in reforming our public school system and creating a positive cultural change. Dallas is bleeding too many kids to private schools. My wife and I are proud public school products and our hope is that this organization can enable our daughter to be the same.

Richard Byrd | District 2 resident | Former DISD teacher

After having the privilege of teaching 7th graders from nearly everyDallas ISD middle school, I realized that the quality of educationacross the district is wildly erratic. Dallas Kids First was the idealopportunity to create district-wide change by getting involved at thegrassroots level -- where we can ensure our district is led by student-focused leaders. 

Kardal Coleman| District 9 resident| Engaged Citizen

As an individual committed to accountability, I can proudly say the folks at Dallas Kids First are true education advocates. The policies set by school board governance are paramount to the success of not only administrators but each student. So, I joined DKF to help further propel such a cause, identifying and helping qualified individuals put the concerns of our kids first! 

Chris Harlan | Parent | concerned citizen

With two young children, I have a vested interest in ensuring that they and their peers have access to quality public education. I'm excited to be a part of DallasKidsFirst and support positive change in DISD.

Josh Hedderich | district 3 resident | Parent

DKF is about our children's future... AND our city's...

Nelson Hsu | District 2 resident | concerned citizen

My wife and I moved here from NY three years ago and we love the energy and vitality of Dallas. We both grew up in public schools and want the same for our sons Kai and Renzo, but we're disheartened that DISD doesn't reflect the 1st class nature of Dallas. I joined DallasKidsFirst so that I can confidently send Kai to DISD and know that he'll receive a 1st class education.

RoseMarie LaCoursiere | Concerned citizen

As an Ebby Halliday Realtor serving the Dallas community and a proud mother of a Cornell University student, I care about the quality of education for Dallas kids. At the end of the day, they are all our children. Once a mother, always a mother no matter the child. I look to be involved in community matters that make a difference.

Joey Maxwell | educator | Concerned citizen

There is an incredible amount of untapped potential in DISD; however, due to many systemic failures, our students are not receiving the education they deserve. Dallas Kids First is a driving force for change in our city and allows every citizen to play a role in strengthening Dallas' public education system. 

Margo McClinton | Engaged citizen

DallasKidsFirst provides advocacy, resources and support to DISD. There is no other cause more noble than helping our youth succeed in today's public educational system. DallasKidsFirst ensures the right leaders are in place to make a difference.

Daniel Muzquiz | 2-year old son

My family is from Mexico and I’m a product of public education. Many of my friends move to the suburbs or send their kids to private school…I’m part of DallasKidsFirst because I want to change their minds.  

Louisa Meyer | District 1 resident | DISD parent 1993-2010

As a long-time DISD supporter whose children flourished in our neighborhood schools, I was thrilled to meet the people of DallasKidsFirst and am grateful for the energy, resources, and enthusiasm they offer to improve all DISD schools for all children. 

24-year old son who graduated from Yale; 20-year old son who is a student at Washington University in St. Louis; both attended WT White High School, T.C. Marsh Middle School, and Nathan Adams Elem School.

Randy Mulry | District 1 resident | Concerned citizen

I am involved with DKF to do what I can to improve public education on Dallas. The people I have worked with at DKF are some of the strongest advocates for improving children's lives and futures through quality public education I have ever been involved with. It's a great organization. 

Caitlin Myers | Former DISD teacher

I used to teach at a DISD middle school in Oak Cliff. I know firsthand the amazing progress that comes when passionate educators, parents and administrators work together on behalf of students. However, all too often, I watched those same people lose faith in our education system due to DISD's detached and frustrating bureaucracy. I joined DallasKidsFirst because I want to give a voice to those on the frontline.

Jeremy Piles | Concerned citizen

I'm not a Dallas resident anymore, but I know that the entire region benefits from better local school systems. Dallas' problems don't stop at the city lines, and responsibility to our kids doesn't stop at the bus stop, so DallasKidsFirst gives me an opportunity to pitch in.

James Ray | District 2 resident | Concerned citizen

I can't ignore DISD's problems or the children who are falling through its cracks. Families are being denied access to great traditional public schools, and DallasKidsFirst gives me an opportunity to contribute to solutions.

Scott Smith | former teacher & Community advocate

I believe my students have limitless potential, and I care for them as if they were my own kids. In order for them to achieve at the highest level, we need district leaders who are focused on ensuring all children have access to a great education. DallasKidsFirst gives me a chance to put this philosophy into action and make positive changes for my kids. 

Lannhi Tran | Concerned citizen

We were refugees from Vietnam in 1975, and I went to DISD schools growing up: FP Caillet, GIll, Reinhardt, OW Holmes Academy, and Talented and Gifted Magnet. I'm a big fan of DISD -- but now, as a mother, I appreciate that it's people like us who have to be involved in order to make sure that it's good for our children too. DallasKidsFirst allows me to have an impact.

Claudia Vargas |District 4 Resident | Concerned citizen

I grew up in Dallas and attended Dallas ISD public schools. Giving back to the community that helped shape who I am today is a priority for me, and by participating with Dallas Kids First, I am able to do just that! Like so many other taxpaying residents, I was not aware of the significance of voting during school board elections. By casting an informed vote during the school board elections I voice my support for a strong educational system that promotes academic excellence for all kids.

Jenny Matthew Walters | District 2 resident | Parent & DISD graduate

As a graduate of DISD, I have a particular interest in improving our school system and raising awareness and support for DISD.  This has been amplified since I became a parent myself.

Thomas Wright | Concerned citizen

I don't want to have to either move out of Dallas or put my kids through private school.

Kevin Yu | Concerned citizen

I didn't know that DISD is a billion dollar organization governed by only nine people. Who are they and are they qualified to be in the driver's seat? I thank DKF for raising my awareness and the level of social-consciousness about public education.