Last Day to Register to Vote: April 4 2019

Early Voting Period: April 22 - 30 2019

Election Day: Saturday, May 4, 2019

Each year, 3 geographic areas of Dallas ISD elect leadership. On May 4, 2019, District 4, 5, and 7 will be voting. Below are maps of the districts, candidates, responses to candidate questionnaires, and candidate scorecards.

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DISTRICT 4: Karla Garcia

For District 4, Dallas Kids First Endorses Karla Garcia.

Karla Garcia would bring a perspective that is missing from the board - she is a recent Dallas ISD alum who has chosen a career focused on making college accessible to students. In reference to her own success personally & professionally, Garcia noted “My story shouldn't be the exception, it should be the expectation. Student outcomes are my north star - we must be intentional about where we are and where we are going.” A DISD parent on the panel noted, “I like the fact that she comes from a first generation of speaking English and she knows the struggle.” Garcia is grounded in the broad challenges faced by students in Dallas ISD and communicated her preparedness for this addressing them head on. Dallas Kids First is proud to endorse Karla Garcia for school board leadership. 

Other candidates running for District 4

  • Amalia Lozano - Candidate Questionnaire Responses, Candidate Scorecard

  • Omar Jimenez - Did not participate in Dallas Kids First endorsement process. Ran in 2016, was not endorsed.

  • Camile White - Did not participate in Dallas Kids First endorsement process. Ran in 2016, was not endorsed.

DISTRICT 5: Maxie Johnson

For District 5, Dallas Kids First endorses Maxie Johnson.

Maxie Johnson has deep roots in Dallas ISD. He is a Dallas ISD alum, has had children in the District, and continues to support kids via the South Oak Cliff Parent Coalition. His leadership as Pastor in West Dallas expands his perspective across another important community within District 5. One former Dallas ISD parent and West Dallas community leader noted that Johnson has “countless examples of community engagement and building partnerships.” A response in the Dallas Kids FIrst public survey noted, “Johnson has the vision, the passion, and proven record to unify DISD communities and support All students in DISD. In particular, he has the heartbeat of the community in which he will be elected to serve.” Dallas Kids First is proud to endorse Maxie Johnson for Dallas ISD school board leadership. 

Other candidates running for District 5:

DISTRICT 7: ben mackey

For District 7, Dallas Kids First Endorses Ben Mackey.

Ben Mackey brings a uniquely talented perspective and was recently named one of twenty-two Master Principals in Dallas ISD’s 220 schools. His former leadership at Townview’s Talented and Gifted Magnet had great success, and his focus to increase access and diversify the demographics of the student population coincided with an all-time high for student achievement. One DISD teacher on the panel shared that “the candidate is very authentic in his beliefs that drive a student-focused vision and plan.” Another panelist noted his “ educational history in the classroom and as a principal demonstrates an understanding of priorities and goals met I would like to see for the District.” Dallas Kids First is proud to endorse Ben Mackey for Dallas ISD school board leadership. 

Other candidate running for District 7:

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