About Dallas Kids First

Our Mission

To raise awareness around the role and impact of the school board in Dallas ISD and organize voters around school board candidates who focus their decision-making on student outcomes. 


Voter turnout in local elections, including the Dallas ISD School Board election, averages between 5-7% depending on each election year. "The fact that board members can influence achievement, even loosely, merits much more attention - surely by scholars but also by voters, parents, taxpayers, and other policy-makers."  - Improving School Board Effectiveness


As a political action committee, our work is only possible thanks to individuals who choose to donate to our work. The cumulative donations allow DKF to have the tools necessary for sharing the work of our elected officials in the DISD School Board, reaching constituents in various community groups, and organizing voters to participate in the candidate endorsement process across each election cycle. While donors trust in the DKF team to live by the mission, they themselves cannot participate in the endorsement process (if they've given more than $200). It is truly thanks to the members that DKF is able to spread awareness and empower voters to decide on leadership at the polls.


Dallas Kids First started as a non-partisan group of concerned citizens and parents who organized to help find, support, and elect great Dallas Independent School District (DISD) school board leaders. This group shared a belief that every kid in Dallas deserves access to quality public schools. Now, the DKF membership base has grown to include students, educators, and community leaders who also share this belief and recognize that school board elections matter - 

Your vote counts. You can make a difference.


  • We believe in making tough decisions that put kids first.
  • We believe that all students deserve outstanding teachers.
  • We believe that great schools have empowered and accountable leaders.
  • We believe in setting high expectations for everyone involved in education.


We have made great strides over the last several years with DKF-endorsed board members who support initiatives that have brought improvements to DISD. Since 2012, our community has seen significant increases in:

  • The number of students entering kindergarten ready to succeed | up 12% since 2012
  • Students reaching the postsecondary level on state assessments | up 9% since 2012
  • The number of best-fit schools available for our students | 15 different models are available within DISD
  • The number of DISD students attending an Improvement Required school – the lowest state rating – has been cut in HALF! 


DISD is making progress, but progress is not happening fast enough -- impeded by school board politics that favor adults not children.

DKF exists to increase citizen engagement by providing actionable information about public school governance.

  • Our 9 School Board Trustees have the important task of guiding and approving a $1.7 billion budget, hiring and firing our superintendent, establishing priorities and policies by which the school district operates and representing approximately 100,000 citizens and 157,000 students in their districts.
  • Yet voter participation in recent Dallas ISD is less than 10% of registered voters.
  • We believe that districtwide transformation requires trustees that will honestly assess Dallas ISD's challenges and make student-based decisions.