We believe that every kid in Dallas should have access to quality public schools, and our school board leaders play a major role in ensuring that happens.

Dallas Kids First elevates dialogue on the impact of school board leadership for kids in Dallas ISD and supports school board campaigns with a focus on outcomes for kids.

You can make a difference in the future of public education in Dallas:

Learn. Engage. Vote.

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What our members have to say...

I joined DKF because there is a clear opportunity for a grassroots organization to help our city operate more effectively. Improvements to our education system will impact many other aspects of our city including homelessness, crime, fiscal efficiency, and economic growth.
— Cullen Aderhold | District 2 resident | Concerned citizen
With two young children, I have a vested interest in ensuring that they and their peers have access to quality public education. I’m excited to be a part of DallasKidsFirst and support positive change in DISD.
— Chris Harlan | Parent | Concerned Citizen
After having the privilege of teaching 7th graders from nearly every Dallas ISD middle school, I realized that the quality of education across the district is wildly erratic. Dallas Kids First was the ideal opportunity to create district-wide change by getting involved at the grassroots level — where we can ensure our district is led by student-focused leaders.
— Richard Byrd | District 2 resident | Former DISD teacher
When certain school systems in the US are less functional and perform worse than the school systems in certain third world countries, we must take a stand and put Kids First. Dallas Kids First has identified the key area in the system to make the largest impact and has been working for kids in Dallas for years. As a concerned citizen, I am proud and honored to be associated with such an organization.
— Aamir Ashiqali | Concerned Citizen

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